Prof. Robert Byer’s visit

July 21st, 2006 § 0

Prof. Robert Byer had a seminar at MPI für Quantenoptik, titled Acceleration of Electrons with Visible Light. I went over and listened his nice talk, but I have nothing special to comment. It is a touch project, and power consuming as well 😉 if successfully built. The current power supply of SLAC is not enough according to estimation.

After that he visited our lab. We talked about topics like nonlinear optical crystals, especially their VTE PPSLT, long wavelength Yb fiber laser and amplifier, and yellow lasers, etc. He has very broad expertise, ranging from nonlinear crystals to gravitational wave detection to electronic acceleratoration. The meeting is interesting and fruitful.

But there is always a serious problem for me in such events: I can hardly join the discussings. I still don’t master English well and the rythem of his speech is quite fast. So I should practise my English more. This is actually one purpose of this blog.

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