Cory Doctorow on 数字版权问题

by Yan

CORY DOCTOROWBoingBoing 的编辑之一,也是一个作家。他的多数小说都在 cc 版权下,可免费阅读下载。”WHAT ARE YOU OPTIMISTIC ABOUT?” 他的回答在这里


There is no such thing as a copy-proof bit. There aren’t even copy-resistant bits. Copying is what bits are for. They will never, ever get any harder to copy.

The copyright wars are a form of contemporary Lysenkoism, a farce wherein we all pretend that copy-proof bits are a reasonable thing to expect from technology. Stalin’s Lysenkoism starved millions when the ideologically correct wheat failed to grow and anyone who pointed this out was sent to dissident prison. Entertainment industry Lysenkoism is ruining lives, undermining free speech and privacy and due process, destroying foreign democracies and keeping poor countries poor.

It’s about time we wised up to it—and we are.

他的理念对中国来讲,也许太超前了一点。但是从长远来讲,从理想主义的角度,我完全赞同他的观点。Copying is what bits are for。